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Bicycle Wreck Statistics

With higher gas prices, a desire on the parts of some to maintain a green and healthy lifestyle, and the natural appeal of spring and summer weather, bicycling is becoming increasingly popular. But with increased ridership comes increased risk, especially for those who ride in traffic. While we all like to think that we are safe when riding our bikes on area roads, there are negligent drivers everywhere. Drivers may be distracted, or even drunk and can cause serious accidents that result in the injury or even death of a loved one.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 675 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2011. That number constitutes two percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths. Such accidents can occur anywhere at anytime, although 60 percent of deadly accidents occurred on major roads, and 35 percent occurred on minor roads. By far, most fatal bicycle accidents (69 percent) occurred in urban areas, not rural areas, and 36% were killed at intersections.

In most cases where serious injury occurred, the culprit was head trauma. This points to the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle. Helmets prevent serious brain and spinal cord injuries to people of all ages. Over the past several years, 84 percent of those killed while riding a bicycle were older than 19, and fewer than 15 percent of fatalities were to riders wearing helmets. In 2011, two-thirds of bicyclists killed reportedly were not wearing helmets.

While a helmet can help protect you against the harm caused by negligent drivers, there are no guarantees. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident caused by another driver, you or your family might be entitled to compensation for injuries or deaths as a result of the accident. The attorney at Hill Law Firm has experience handling accidents involving bicyclists and vehicles. If you’ve been injured, or have lost a loved one in a biking accident, please contact the Texas Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.


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