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Asiana Air Crash Settlement Offers Low

Asiana Air Crash Settlement Offers LowAsiana Air Crash Settlement Offers Low: Airline Offering $10,000 to Survivors

On July 6, 2013, an Asiana Airlines passenger jet crashed during final approach to San Francisco International Airport.  The Boeing 777, which had taken off from Incheon, South Korea, held 307 passengers.  Two passengers died in the crash and a third was killed by a vehicle that was responding to the crash site.  181 passengers were injured, with at least 12 of those 181 receiving critical injuries.  64 of the passengers were United States citizens.  The vast majority of the other passengers were from China and South Korea.

The cause of the accident has not yet been released.  Both the Unites States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the South Korean Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board are currently investigating. The landing gear and tail struck the seawall that runs into San Francisco Bay, short of the runway. This was the 3rd fatal crash in Asiana’s history, which has spanned over the past 25 years.

In a recent move, Asiana Airlines has offered $10,000 to all crash survivors.  According to an Asiana spokesperson, Lee Hyomin, the monetary offer is not a settlement offer.  Rather, it is an offer to each survivor to assist them with their immediate financial needs.  The offer is being made to each passenger despite the degree or severity of their injuries or the amount of their medical bills.

According to the South Korean news agency, Yonhap, Asiana’s offer was made in writing to some of the families, but there were 8 conditions which accompanied the written offer.  The conditions have not yet been released publically.  Asiana has specifically refused to disclose the conditions due to the disclosure’s “possible impact on future lawsuits.”

Other family members, such as Jeong Ouek-yoon, mother of a passenger injured on the flight, have rejected the offer.  Mrs. Ouek-yoon recently stated that she was “offended” by the offer.  She also stated that since the conditions for the payment were not disclosed to her, she declined to accept Asiana’s offer.

It is important to know that if you have been offered a sum of money for injuries or property damage, it is always important to have an attorney review the written offer before your accept.  Often times, the person or company offering the money has drafted an agreement that includes a release of all future claims and even more stringent terms, such as an indemnity clause, which adds additional exposure to the victim if they accept the offer and settlement money.

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