With More Oil and Gas Activity Comes More Auto Accidents in West Texas

Last week, the Winkler County Sheriff’s office posted some data on their Facebook page that showed a sharp increase in the number of crashes in a number of West Texas counties from 2016 to 2018. In particular, the post noted that the total number of crashes had increased by two-thirds, with a 97 percent…

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls Ram Pickups

The constant stream of automotive recalls that has been happening for the last several years shows no signs of slowing down. That may be seen as a good thing since it means automakers are taking problems seriously and not allowing them to get worse before they take responsibility. Still, it might be better if…

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Huge Settlements With Retail Giant in False Claims Act Case

Last week, a number of US attorneys announced that the federal government has settled two lawsuits against pharmacy retail giant Walgreens based on the federal False Claims Act. The first settlement, which was approved on Jan. 16, 2019, and unsealed yesterday, requires Walgreens to pay $209.2 million to settle allegations that it improperly billed…

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Work Zone Sign

TxDOT Wants To Keep Everyone Safe in Road Work Zones

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and other agencies are taking concrete steps to address the issue of safety in road construction areas throughout the state, in a bid to protect both drivers and construction workers in work zones. Last month, TxDOT decided to address issues of safety in a road construction zone on…

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The Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Can Change Your Life

Most of us think we know how serious traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be, but many people don’t seem to realize that they don’t always heal the same as other other injuries and the impact of a serious TBI can lead to a lifetime of pain and medical care. Many traumatic brain injuries are…

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DWI Warning Sign

Texas Dram Shop Laws a Factor Into Fatal Houston DUI

About 9 days before Christmas, a Texas teen allegedly downed as many as a dozen alcoholic drinks before he slipped in behind the wheel of his truck, where he proceeded to cause a wrong-way DUI crash that took the life of a young mother. Underage and Overserved Back on Dec. 16, 19-year-old driver Erick Hernandez swerved…

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Oil and Gas Workers Have a Right to a Safe Workplace Too

Consider this to be a cautionary tale for those employers who have workers at oil and gas facilities throughout Texas, including those working in the Eagle Ford Shale. Your workers have a right to a safe workplace, and if something bad happens, it could come back to haunt you. Did an Employer Ignore Safety…

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If Your Vehicle is Recalled, What Are Your Rights?

Over the past several years especially, we have seen a rash of auto recalls, as manufacturers try to make their vehicles safer and safety officials try to make sure vehicle manufacturers are not flooding the roads with unsafe vehicles. A recall can affect a few dozen vehicles or it can affect hundreds of thousands…

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What’s Happened to Our Roads In the Last Century? Not Enough

Sunday, November 18 marked the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. The purpose of this day is to be a reminder of the human tragedies that lie behind all of the horrible data related to traffic crashes. According to auto historians, the first few years when people started taking to the streets…

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Fire Department Responding to Car Crash

San Antonio PD Has Been Cracking Down Hard on DWI

For drivers in San Antonio, it may seem as if you have seen an uptick in the number of drunk driving stories on the TV news or in the local newspaper in recent months, you are not imagining things. Police agencies all over Texas have been cracking down on those who make the irresponsible choice…

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