Oil & Gas Worker Scaling a Rope

Oil and Gas Workers Need More Protection

As a state, Texas is one of the largest homes of some of the most common locations for the oil and gas industry in the country. Yet, no matter how many jobs are created in that industry, these jobs are almost always among the most dangerous anywhere, Government Statistics Point to a Problem According…

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Commercial Truck on a Highway

The Oil & Gas Boom Brings More Truck Traffic and More Accidents to Texas

While one can find major difficulties in nearly any industry, most vocational and industry experts agree; those who haul oil and gas drilling machinery from site to site face a challenging set of circumstances pretty much every day. One problem is, there is no educational or vocational training for those who break down, transport…

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Commercial Trucks Parked Together

How Oil and Gas Workers Can Reduce Their Risk of Fatigued Driving

With the latest oil and gas boom going strong right now, it is clear that oil and gas workers are happy with the plentiful jobs and the premium pay. That said, those who drive vehicles for oil and gas companies are quite often expected to endure a really long commute, where they are expected…

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With More Oil and Gas Activity Comes More Auto Accidents in West Texas

Last week, the Winkler County Sheriff’s office posted some data on their Facebook page that showed a sharp increase in the number of crashes in a number of West Texas counties from 2016 to 2018. In particular, the post noted that the total number of crashes had increased by two-thirds, with a 97 percent…

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Oil and Gas Workers Have a Right to a Safe Workplace Too

Consider this to be a cautionary tale for those employers who have workers at oil and gas facilities throughout Texas, including those working in the Eagle Ford Shale. Your workers have a right to a safe workplace, and if something bad happens, it could come back to haunt you. Did an Employer Ignore Safety…

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The Hazards of Explosion and Fire in the Oil and Gas Industry

In one day, we were all reminded of the danger of working at an oil refinery. It is essential that workers at such plants are able to work as safely as possible. Working in the oil and gas industry is inherently dangerous because crude oil and natural gas are volatile and must be handled…

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Texas Oilfield Injuries

The Eagle Ford Shale’s oil and natural gas resources have brought a lot of jobs and economic opportunity to our area. Unfortunately, the oil boom also caused some companies to take shortcuts that result in greater risk to oil workers where drilling occurs. At an oil and gas drilling site there is simply no…

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Pipeline Explosions and Safety

Recently, a natural gas pipeline explosion sent shock waves through residential neighborhoods and lit up the night sky near the South Texas city of Refugio, a rural community north of Corpus Christi, about 15 miles from the Texas Coast. Witnesses claim they heard a loud boom and that their bed shook them awake. The…

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Eagle Ford Health Problems Caused By Oil And Gas Activity

A recent investigative report from the San Antonio Express News has brought attention to what seem to be a series of mysterious health problems that have developed in the years since the Eagle Ford Shale’s unprecedented oil and gas boom.  Many people in the area have been suffering from a number of ailments, a…

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Oil & Gas WARN Act, FLSA Complaints

Crash Leads to Oil & Gas WARN Act, FLSA Complaints The oil and gas boom created a lot of great opportunities for a lot of people, but the oil and gas crisis that has developed because of the price crash over the past year has created a lot of other problems. Unfortunately, the resultant…

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