Small Magnets

Injuries From Toys With Tiny Magnets Show the Problem With Voluntary Safety Standards

Safety experts believe it is in part because the industry has been left to police itself, but the number of children who have suffered serious injuries from swallowing dangerous rare-earth magnets has been surging in the three-plus years since courts blocked the efforts of federal regulators to force changes to the industry, which left…

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Investigation Shows Amazon Selling Thousands of Defective Products

Earlier this week, the results of a Wall Street Journal investigation  into the availability of products known to be unsafe on the Amazon platform was released, and the results are creating new fodder for critics of the online retailer, and putting the company on notice that they are selling far too many defective products. . The…

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Drawing of Person Wearing a Bike Helmet

Warning Issued Re Bike Helmets

We are in the middle of the summer and kids and adults are out on their bicycles at least in the mornings and evenings, even if not in the middle of a hot Texas summer day.  These days, thankfully, most kids wear bike helmets as a standard practice because they want their children to…

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Baby in Crib

Fisher Price Recall Begs the Question; Are Baby Products Tested Enough?

Recently, Fisher-Price recalled their “Rock ‘n Play” device, which, despite the name, was a kind of baby hammock in which infants would lie down at a 30-degree angle and take a nap. Parents on both sides of the safety debate were outraged; some parents saw the device as a godsend for getting restless babies…

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CPSC Sues Over Refusal to Recall Jogging Strollers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) filed suit last week against Britax Child Safety, Inc., the company that manufacture BOB jogging strollers, because the company has refused to issue a recall on the stroller, even though there have been have at least 200 complaints from the public about the product since 2o12. The…

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Washing Machine Recall Update

Samsung Washing Machine Update: Texas Family’s Repaired Machine Explodes You may recall that a few months ago, Samsung issued a voluntary recall of some of their top-loading washers because the washer lids can become detached from the machine while they are in operation. During the spin cycle, those lids can explode off the machines with enough…

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Laptop Battery Recall

HP Orders Laptop Battery Recall Due to Burn and Fire Hazard HP Development Company, manufacturers of HP and Compaq computers, has issued a very serious voluntary laptop battery recall for over 140,000 lithium-ion batteries that power some of its laptop computers because of the “fire and burn hazards” they may pose. This is actually the second such…

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Moldy Teething Toy

Should Parents Worry About a Moldy Teething Toy? There has been a lot of concern expressed by parents in recent days over one of the most popular infant teething toys in the world, Sophie the Giraffe, after parents have flooded social media with reports that the toy, which is made of 100% natural rubber…

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Stroller Recall

Fall, Laceration Hazards Lead to Stroller Recall When parents buy new equipment for their baby or small child, they buy it with the belief that the product has been checked out thoroughly and is safe for their child to use. However, once in a while, children’s products slip through the cracks and actually create…

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Baby Medicine Recall

Use of Drug Leads to Baby Medicine Recall Last month, as you may recall, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory regarding the use of several homeopathic teething products and some were pulled from the market. According to the FDA advisory, the agency recommended that parents and caregivers refrain from administering certain…

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