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Finding the Right Injury Attorney Near Me

Finding the Right Attorney For Your Case Can Hill Law Firm Handles Cases in Other Cities? Some of the most common things we hear from potential new clients are questions about locality, why it matters, and what the potential client’s options are in hiring an attorney. Many callers need an attorney in other parts…

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San Antonio Injury Firm Owner Justin Hill

Justin Hill Interview about Running a Law Firm

Justin Hill, owner and founder of Hill Law Firm, was interviewed by the Lawyer Mastermind podcast about 5 keys to running a profitable firm. You can learn about Justin’s philosophy on running a law firm, interacting with staff, and humbling himself to be successful. After five years of building the Hill Law Firm, Justin…

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Texas Accidental Shooting Lawsuit

Gun Safety Lawsuit in Texas

  Our law firm was recently hired to represent a family that lost a child due to the an instance of firearm negligence. In this specific case, a gun owner left a dischargeable (loaded) handgun accessible to an eight year old boy. At some point, the child accidentally shot and killed himself. In spite…

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New Hill Law Firm Attorney, Steven A. Lopez

Steven A. Lopez Joins Hill Law Firm as Senior Counsel and Trial Attorney.  Where are you from? I was born in Chicago, but my family moved to South Texas when I was one. I grew up in Harlingen, a city in the Rio Grande Valley. I’ve lived in several cities in Texas, including Austin, Waco…

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Hill Law Firm Response to COVID-19

At Hill Law Firm, we are committed to the safety of our staff and our clients. We are following the direction of our State and Local authorities and doing our part to be smart. At the same time, we have to ensure we protect the rights of our clients and intend to do so….

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