San Antonio Injury Firm Owner Justin Hill

Justin Hill Interview about Running a Law Firm

Justin Hill, owner and founder of Hill Law Firm, was interviewed by the Lawyer Mastermind podcast about 5 keys to running a profitable firm. You can learn about Justin’s philosophy on running a law firm, interacting with staff, and humbling himself to be successful. After five years of building the Hill Law Firm, Justin…

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Texas Accidental Shooting Lawsuit

Gun Safety Lawsuit in Texas

  Our law firm was recently hired to represent a family that lost a child due to the an instance of firearm negligence. In this specific case, a gun owner left a dischargeable (loaded) handgun accessible to an eight year old boy. At some point, the child accidentally shot and killed himself. In spite…

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Sexual Assault in the Workplace

Hill Law Firm’s Experience In recent months, multiple sexual assault victims hired Hill Law Firm to represent them against their employers. One involved the manager of a major national restaurant chain sexually assaulting an underage employee. Another involved two employees left without supervision. And, the last, involved a business owner staging fake interviews to…

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On the Job Heat Stroke Risks

Texas workers have to deal with a lot of dangers when they go to work. First, Texas has a poor record when it comes to protecting workers. Also, Texas has a very large number of workers in industries with high incidences of injuries and fatalities. The oil and gas industry, construction industries, and roofers,…

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Chemical Fires Near Houston Continue to Burn, Cause Potential Damage

This week, we have once again been reminded about the danger of working at a chemical plant or an oil refinery, and the incredible importance of making sure strong safety measures are in place and followed thoroughly at every plant in the chemical and oil & gas industries. Chemical Fires Spread Quickly According to…

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Texas Laboratory Settles for $63.5 million in False Claims Act Suit

Last month, a Texas-based pathology laboratory company named Inform Diagnostics agreed to pay $63.5 million to settle multiple allegations that it violated the False Claims Act. The allegations included charges that the company engaged in financial relationships with referring physicians that were deemed improper. Lab Paid for Referrals More specifically, Inform Diagnostics was accused…

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What Are the Top Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, late last month, a 21-year-old woman from San Antonio, Elysia Neylan Leos, was killed in a truck accident involving an 18-wheeler truck in Duval County, Texas. The news release notes that Leos was a passenger in a 2011 Mercedes-Benz that was traveling north on U.S. Highway…

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Efforts to Keep Pedestrians Safe Around Traffic Are Proceeding

As most are aware of by now, Syracuse University’s head basketball coach Jim Boeheim had just a second or two to try to swerve and avoid hitting a car that had stalled out in the middle of a Syracuse highway last weekend, and he was unable to avoid hitting the car’s driver, who had…

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"Do Not Enter" Sign

Reducing Wrong-Way Accidents in Texas

According to a recent study, those who drive the wrong way on roads throughout Texas cause more car accidents here than in any other state in the country. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is well aware of the problem, and they have been working on possible solutions to this serious problem. So far, the state…

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Sign Warning of Drowsy Driving Dangers

The Growing Danger of Drowsy Driving

It seems to have taken a while to get there, but everyone now agrees that driving drunk is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Despite this knowledge, Texas is always at or near the top when it comes to drunk driving deaths.  Likewise, the dangers of distracted driving are also becoming…

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