Small Magnets

Injuries From Toys With Tiny Magnets Show the Problem With Voluntary Safety Standards

Safety experts believe it is in part because the industry has been left to police itself, but the number of children who have suffered serious injuries from swallowing dangerous rare-earth magnets has been surging in the three-plus years since courts blocked the efforts of federal regulators to force changes to the industry, which left…

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Rear-End Crash

A Texas-sized DWI Crackdown for the Holiday; Be Safe

Law enforcement officers throughout Texas, including those in San Antonio and Bexar County, has been ramping up their efforts all month to make this the safest holiday season in history. For at least the next week, officers statewide will be working a lot of extra hours to combat drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding and…

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Blind Spot Safety Tips for Texas Drivers

Blind spots are areas of the road a driver cannot see from inside the vehicle, usually to the right and left of the car. The driver is effectively blind in these areas and will be unable to see an approaching vehicle. Blind spots cause many traffic accidents in Texas, including sideswipes and lane-change accidents….

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Can I Sue a Grocery Store for Food Poisoning in Texas?

Food poisoning is a serious illness that could prove fatal for a victim. Food poisoning can occur if the food becomes contaminated at any stage of the manufacturing, distributing ,or storing process. Food poisoning can also arise if the grocery store selling the food fails to properly store the food or rotate its inventory….

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The Dangers of Rubbernecking and How to Handle It

Rubbernecking refers to a driver turning to look at a car accident as he or she passes by. It is a serious form of driver distraction that contributes to motor vehicle accidents every year. Staring at a crash site instead of the road ahead can lead to collisions – especially when other drivers nearby…

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Three of the Deadliest Roads in the US for the Holidays Go Through Texas; How to Avoid Disaster

While the Holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is supposed to be a joyful and relaxing time for family, driving typically leaves behind a devastating toll of injury and death on the nation’s highways. The numbers vary from year to year, but on average, more than 343 people die in traffic deaths each year…

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What Is the Average Settlement for Whiplash in San Antonio?

Whiplash is a common car accident injury to the soft tissues of the neck. Whiplash can cause temporary or long-term pain and disability. An insurance settlement for a whiplash injury could cover medical expenses, lost wages, disability costs and more. Although every case is different, the nature of a whiplash injury leads to similar…

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Motorcycle Crash

San Antonio Motorcycle Accidents Are On the Rise, But the Stats Point to Solutions

Motorcycle accidents have been a growing problem in San Antonio for quite some time now. In fact, for a while, in the state of Texas, San Antonio was second only to Houston when it came to the number of motorcycle accidents. A Deadly Weekend for Motorcycles There were a few significant motorcycle accidents in the…

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Chemical Plant Explosion

60,000 Evacuated Following Series of Explosions at Texas Chemical Plant

On the day before Thanksgiving, two explosions at a chemical plant rocked the southeast Texas town of Port Neches and the surrounding area.  The explosions occurred at the Texas Petroleum Chemical (TPC) plant in Port Neches and officials were worried enough about the possibility of a series of explosions that they placed about 60,000…

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Commercial Truck on a Highway

The Oil & Gas Boom Brings More Truck Traffic and More Accidents to Texas

While one can find major difficulties in nearly any industry, most vocational and industry experts agree; those who haul oil and gas drilling machinery from site to site face a challenging set of circumstances pretty much every day. One problem is, there is no educational or vocational training for those who break down, transport…

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