What Are the Deadliest Cars on the Road in 2023?

Every year, thousands of fatal car accidents are documented in the United States. In 2023, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) analyzed crash data to determine the highest driver death rates by the type of vehicle involved in the crash. The data found that the deadliest vehicles for their own drivers are small,…

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Who Is Liable in a Construction Zone Accident in Texas?

Every year, hundreds of construction zones are set up throughout Texas. Construction projects are necessary to improve the overall safety of Texas’s roads and highways. Unfortunately, they can pose a risk to drivers, construction workers and the general public. If a car accident takes place in a construction zone in Texas, find out who…

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Auto Safety Devices: Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is available on many new cars. Of course, if safety officials get their way, it will be on all vehicles very soon. This technology has proven to be a great help to drivers. That is especially true for those who need to maintain control of their vehicles during extreme steering…

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Auto Safety Devices: Anti-Lock Brakes Systems (ABS)

A lot of people take anti-lock braking (ABS) systems for granted these days. That is likely because ABS technology has grown to become a standard safety feature on most new cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. It may seem hard to believe now, but ABS systems didn’t even exist for a long time. The evolution…

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E-coli Bacteria

What is E. coli Food Poisoning?

In this, the third in our blog series on food poisoning lawsuits, we discuss the issues surrounding E. coli foodborne illness. One of the most common causes of foodborne illness in the United States comes from the Escherichia coli (better known as E. coli) bacteria. The most common strain of the E. Coli bacteria responsible for…

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Who Is Liable for Motorcycle Accidents in San Antonio?

A motorcycle accident can easily be catastrophic for the motorcyclist. A motorcyclist could suffer life-changing injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, severe road rash, and long-term back or spine injuries. Many motorcycle accident victims do not survive their injuries. In 2017, Texas reported 418 motorcyclist deaths in traffic accidents. Holding someone liable…

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Texas Bans Red-Light Cameras; Will That Be Good or Bad for Motorists?

Earlier this month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that will ban the use of red light cameras anywhere in the state. The bill will largely take effect on Sept. 1, but it will also allow communities more time to complete their contracts with the private companies who operate the cameras, if needed,…

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Keurig Coffee Makers Recalled

Keurig Coffee Makers Recalled Because of Possible Burn Hazard If you are planning to give a loved one a coffee brewer for Christmas, you might want to make sure the model you’re buying is safe. Coffee maker manufacturer Keurig Green Mountain has issued a voluntary recall for more than 7 million of its iconic coffee…

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Baby Formula and Cronobacter

  A new ruling announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has led to new regulations, which will go into effect Sept. 8, to require that manufacturers of infant formula adhere to stricter standards than was previously the case. These new regulations will require companies to follow good manufacturing practices, including a test…

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Texas Holiday Roadway Safety

Texas Holiday Roadway Safety: Be Careful During the Holidays The 2013 holiday season has thus far seen a slew of accidents on Texas roads, once again demonstrating that the state’s highways are becoming more dangerous to navigate these days. Here are a few examples of the carnage on the roads just in the last…

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