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Most Commonly Cited Violations by OSHA

For too many workers, the risk of injuries and deaths are an every day part of the job.  As a result of dangerous working conditions and injuries on the job, many agencies now govern workplace safety to regulate safety on the job.  Regardless, people continue to be injured, often as a result of employers that…

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Workplace Safety

Tractor Trailer Fatalities Rise

A recent study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that in 2010-2011, fatalities of 18-wheeler occupants rose 20% in a single year. In light of the overall decline in traffic fatalities in 2011, this is very surprising news for those who follow and track auto safety. While many seem to assume weather and higher…

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Truck Accidents

Aviation Accident Deaths in 2011

It seems like every week, the Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express, or Austin Statesman runs an article about a plane crash that injures or kills Texans.  Almost always, these crashes involving private aircraft often piloted by non-professional pilots.  Often the causes of these crashes are determined to be pilot error but someones that can relate…

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Aviation Accidents

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