North Texas Wrong Way Driving Accident

Wrong-Way Driving Accident in Denton

Based on the news reports, instances of wrong-way driving on Texas highways are far more prevalent than previously thought. Such drivers are obviously a very real danger to everyone else on the highway, and the Texas Department of Transportation is conducting research into solutions to the problem, especially considering the spate of accidents involving wrong-way drivers that have plagued the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex over the last few years.

On May 4, for example, emergency personnel began to receive a number of calls reporting that a Honda Accord was seen driving the wrong way on Interstate 35W in Denton, Texas, near Fort Worth. In this case the driver had started by driving south in the southbound lanes, but for some reason – one that Fort Worth Police are investigating thoroughly – something made him cross the median and start driving south against traffic in the northbound lanes, before he crashed into a Toyota Highlander. His actions also led to two other cars crashing, as well. In all, two people were killed and two others injured in the accident, which resulted in the freeway being closed for four hours while first responders cleaned up the scene and investigated.

Wrong-way accidents can be incredibly serious, and are more likely than other types of accidents to cause injury and death. Based on research into the problem, a few patterns have emerged. The most common reason drivers end up going the wrong way on a freeway is by entering a freeway exit ramp. Elderly drivers are more likely to drive the wrong way than younger drivers, and men are more likely to do so than women. Wrong-way accidents are more likely to happen at night, especially during the first few hours after midnight. This timing may explain why most wrong way drivers are found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

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