Liberty County Texas Truck Crash Kills 2 in Van

Liberty County Texas Truck Crash Kills 2 in Van: Tragic Avoidable Accident

As the economy in Texas continues to boom, so does traffic.  With an increase in traffic, there has been an increase in accidents.  Add to that Texas’s very high speed limits, booming commercial vehicle traffic, and oil boom and Texas is ripe to put up some of the most alarming accident statistics in the State’s history.  A  recent accident in Liberty County, Texas is a stark reminder of how even a sideswipe can lead to terrible results.

Today, the Houston Chronicle reported that a truck side swiped a van in Liberty County, Texas causing a van to lose control.  The van subsequently wrecked leading to two deaths and one serious injury.  This is a tragic accident that could have been avoided through safe driving practices.

In Houston, San Antonio, and the rest of South Texas, an economic boom has brought a large increase in traffic and consequently commercial motor vehicle accidents.  Some counties have seen an over 1,000% increase in commercial motor vehicle accidents since 2008.  These accidents are often caused by driver inattention, driver fatigue, drunk drivers, fault equipment, or other factors that could be fixed through proper training and procedures.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes tragedies like the one in Liberty County, Texas to bring about these changes.

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