Five Killed in Drunk Driving Accident

Five members of the cast of the popular summer musical “Texas” were killed in an automobile accident on August 12, not far from Dumas, Texas, when the car they were driving blew through a stop sign and collided with a tractor-trailer near Dumas. Among the fatal victims of the accident were three West Texas A&M University theater students.

Police and others at the scene have noted that a number of empty alcohol containers were found in the wreckage at the crash scene. While the Texas Department of Public Safety wouldn’t say whether the alcohol containers found at the scene were beer cans or hard liquor bottles, they did cite alcohol as a possible factor the accident. The investigation is ongoing.

According to an Amarillo hospital, only one passenger in the car, 30-year-old Timothy Johnson of Houston, managed to survive, but he was in critical condition. The driver of the truck, who was identified as 70-year-old Theron Arthur McSay of Fort Collins, CO, was hospitalized in stable condition.

Those killed in the crash included a 24-year-old, a 21-year-old and three 20-year-olds. All five were pronounced dead at the scene. It has not been determined which of them may have been drinking, if any. The water dispensing machines that were being carried by the truck managed to come off the trailer in the crash, and ended up on top of the car, on the driver side.

According to other “Texas” cast members, no alcohol had been served to minors at the cast party, which is apparently where the car’s passengers were coming from, but attendees over 21 were allowed to bring their own beverages.

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A thorough investigation of this accident will be conducted, but it may be found that either driver was too drunk to get behind the wheel. The frequency of drunk driving is alarming, and people need to take steps to not be part of the problem. Taking a cab, appointing a designated driver, or simply sleeping it off can all keep everyone safer.

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