Defective Gun Recall: Remington 700’s at Issue

If you have a Remington hunting rifle that you love, you might want to take a look at this before the coming fall hunting season starts.

The Remington Arms Co. recently issued a national recall of its Model 700 and Model Seven rifles that come equipped with the X-Mark Pro trigger. The reason for the recall is because the company has found that some of the triggers have “excess bonding agent” that could result in the accidental discharge of the rifles “under certain circumstances.” The recall applies to all of that model of rifle that were manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014. Those guns made after April 9 were repaired at the factory before being shipped to stores.

The stores that carry the recalled rifles, which includes more than 40 different versions of Model 700, have already shipped them back to Remington to have the trigger mechanisms cleaned and repaired. In addition to the Model 700s, the recall affects three models of hunting rifles in the Model Seven line. The prices for the recalled rifles range from about $450 to well over $2,200.

So far, there have been more than 75 lawsuits filed against Remington, alleging that the trigger had a tendency to fire without even being touched. Based on these suits and other accusations, it’s been reported that this defect in the Remington 700 has been responsible for at least 25 deaths and hundreds of serious injuries.

This is also not the first time the Model 700 has been subject to recall. In 2000, the company was sued by someone who claims a defective gun caused the death of his 9-year-old son. After that suit, in 2002, Remington to recalled 2.5 million of the guns to repair a safety on a number of bolt-action rifles made before 1982.

Those who own one of these rifles should call the company or log on the Remington website to see if it is one of the models being recalled. If it is part of the recall, Remington warns the owner to stop using the rifle immediately, and asks that the gun be returned to Remington free of charge, where it will be cleaned and repaired and returned.

If you think you have one of these rifles, check the website and make sure. If you do, then unload the rifle immediately and follow the recall. And if you or someone you love has been killed or injured accidentally by a defective gun, call the Texas Defective Product Lawyer at Hill Law Firm as soon as possible to protect your rights under the law.

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