Texas Traffic Crashes during COVID Surprise

Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Fatality Statistics During COVID are Surprising

Auto Accident Trends in Texas during the Covid-19 Shutdown Show We Have a Lot to Learn When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit Texas back in March, it would be difficult to find anyone who was not affected in some way. At the time, Governor Greg Abbott announced a stay-at-home order to begin on April…

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Truck Crash at Night

Why Do So Many Truck Accidents Happen at Night?

Most truck drivers are professionals who usually operate their rigs safely. In most cases, they cover hundreds of miles over many hours per day, and they do so safely. That said, however, over the years, have been a rather continual increase in the number of truck accidents on Texas roads and beyond. Why Truck…

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Self-Driving Truck

Self-Driving Trucks Are Here, But People May Not be Ready

The promise of self-driving cars should seem like a dream come true for many drivers. After all, owning a self-driving car should sound like an incredible experience, making travel more convenient, reducing traffic and making a commute much more leisurely. In fact, the number of companies putting millions of dollars into the development of…

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Overturned Truck

Might COVID-19 Lead to More Truck Accidents?

We truly hope this isn’t a lasting legacy of the coronavirus pandemic. However, a decision by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA) to ease regulations on the trucking industry is potentially very troubling. As a way to get needed supplies to emergency departments at hospitals and urgent care…

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Crashed Stevens Truck

In San Antonio, 18-Wheelers Crash More Than You Think

When you drive on Texas roads, especially the highways, you are likely confronted with the potential threat of a crash with an 18-wheeler on a constant basis. Such nervousness when driving near such huge machines is understandable; given their size and weight differences, the potential for disaster if an 18-wheeler slams into a sedan…

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Blind Spot Safety Tips for Texas Drivers

Blind spots are areas of the road a driver cannot see from inside the vehicle, usually to the right and left of the car. The driver is effectively blind in these areas and will be unable to see an approaching vehicle. Blind spots cause many traffic accidents in Texas, including sideswipes and lane-change accidents….

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Truck Crash

There’s Been a Spike in High Accident Verdicts; Are an Increase in Truck Accidents the Reason?

A recent analysis of verdict and settlement data indicates that verdicts in motor vehicle accidents involving corporate or trucking company defendants in a number of states, including Texas, reveal that, from 2010 through November 2019 showed a distinct upward trend in big-dollar awards, with the sharpest increases occurring since  2016. In all, researchers examined…

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What to Know About Truck Drivers and Substance Abuse

Driving a truck is not an easy job. Long hours alone on the road, difficult night shifts and mounting pressure from employers can push truck drivers to their limits. The difficulties of life on the road may be why the truck industry is seeing historically low rates of drivers. Those who do try to…

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What Is “Platooning” of Big Rig Trucks, and Is It Safe?

Platooning refers to two or more commercial trucks tailgating one another in a line, or platoon. Platooning is a common way for truck companies to save on fuel in states that allow this practice. Many people, however, debate the safety of platooning. The long history of commercial truck accidents in the U.S. and questionable…

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Important Records to Obtain After a Truck Accident

Documenting a truck accident is key to building a strong personal injury lawsuit against a company or driver in Texas. The facts you or your lawyer gather about the collision could point to the correct defendant, or at-fault party. Evidence obtained, including important records, may provide proof against a negligent driver or truck company….

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