8 Steps To Take After a San Antonio Motorcycle Accident

8 Steps To Take After a San Antonio Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycle accidents occur frequently on the roads and highways of Texas. Even with less traffic on the road in 2020, the Texas Department of Transportation reported a 17 percent increase in motorcyclist deaths compared to 2019. In 2020, 482 motorcyclists lost their lives and 1,856 were seriously injured in traffic accidents in Texas. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, our San Antonio injury attorneys suggest you take these steps to protect yourself physically and financially.

1. Call the Police

Call the police immediately – while still at the scene of your motorcycle accident. Use your cell phone or ask someone else at the scene of the crash to call 911 for you. Tell the police that you wish to report a motorcycle collision and request an ambulance if anyone is injured. When the police arrive, tell them your side of the story so that it is on the record. Do not admit fault for the collision. Even if you think you caused the crash, there could be other factors involved that you are unaware of. Before you leave, write down your police report number.

2. Collect Contact Information

Exchange contact information with the motor vehicle driver. Get the driver’s name, phone number, address, insurance information, driver’s license information and a description of the vehicle. If there are any vehicle passengers, get their information, as well. Finally, if any eyewitnesses saw the motorcycle accident, get their names and phone numbers for statements later. Eyewitness accounts can help investigators piece together who caused the collision. 

3. Gather Evidence

If you can, start collecting evidence while still at the scene of the crash. Collect any information that could help you prove that the motor vehicle driver is at fault. This may include photographs at the scene of the accident, surveillance footage, evidence of a road hazard or bad weather, and any other clues that could point to fault. After you leave the scene, continue gathering evidence and documentation, such as crash-related bills and pay stubs.

4. Get Immediate Medical Care

Go to a hospital in San Antonio without delay for medical care after a motorcycle accident. It is important to see a doctor even if you feel fine, as the crash may have given you a delayed or hidden injury that a physician can diagnose. Traumatic brain injuries, for instance, do not always show immediate symptoms.

5. File an Auto Insurance Claim

Contact the motor vehicle driver’s insurance company to file a claim as soon as possible. This will initiate the investigative process, where the insurance company will send agents out to investigate the scene and inspect property damage. Be careful when speaking to an insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster does not want what is best for you. Do not admit fault, agree to give a recorded statement or accept an early settlement offer. These mistakes could interfere with your ability to recover fair compensation.

6. Create a Daily Injury Journal

A major part of your motorcycle accident claim may be seeking monetary recovery for serious injuries. If so, keep an injury journal where you document the daily pain, suffering and struggles associated with your injuries. If you have to miss work or your favorite activities, for example, write this down. An injury journal can help express to an insurance company how significantly the injuries have impacted your life.

7. Stay Off of Social Media

Avoid posting about your motorcycle accident on social media. You could say something that hurts your injury claim. The driver’s insurance company may access your social media accounts to search for evidence against you, such as you admitting fault, changing your story, or enjoying your life while you are claiming pain and suffering. Do not post any status updates, photos, videos or comments on any social media platform until your case has been resolved.

8. Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Contact a San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney for assistance with the claims process. An attorney can help you understand and defend your rights, as well as seek maximum financial compensation for your property damage and injuries.

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