What Should Be Included in a Doctor’s Note After a Car Wreck?

One of your main concerns after a car accident is likely how to recover compensation for your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other losses. The validity of your claim to damages can depend on the strength of your evidence – including doctor’s notes and medical records. What your doctor has to say about your injuries is important in determining what your financial recovery may look like.

When to Seek Medical Care After a Car Accident

It is always important to go to a hospital and seek medical care immediately after a car accident in Texas. Whether you have recognizable injuries or not, go to a doctor right away to confirm any damage. Many injuries, including whiplash, herniated disks and traumatic brain injuries, have delayed or hidden symptoms. Obtaining prompt medical care could lead to a faster diagnosis and proper treatment for your injuries. If you have serious injuries, go to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, make a prompt appointment with your primary care physician for a full workup.

What to Ask Your Physician

While at the doctor’s office, ask the right questions to optimize your medical care and help create a stronger record of treatment for use on your injury claim later. Ask questions that will help you complete a car accident claim or file an injury lawsuit. Be open and honest about all your symptoms. Tell the doctor how you are feeling physically as well as emotionally. Then, get the name of the official injury the doctor has diagnosed. Ask what treatments you will need and how long the doctor thinks it will take for you to fully recover.

  • Do you have any injuries?
  • How exactly did the injuries happen?
  • What is your official diagnosis?
  • What is your prognosis for recovery?
  • How long will it take to heal?
  • What treatments will you need?
  • How much will treatments cost?
  • Do you need any prescriptions?
  • How much time will you need off of work?

Also, discuss how the car accident might have exacerbated any pre-existing injuries. Obtain medical evidence showing new symptoms or problems involving pre-existing injuries that arose because of the car accident. If your doctor gives you a treatment plan, stick to it exactly. Following your treatment plan and attending any follow-up appointments can create a record of medical care that an insurance company can use to evaluate your injuries. Ask about the possibility of future health problems connected to your car accident, as well as how the doctor believes your injury might impact your ability to work.

What a Doctor’s Note Should Include

A doctor’s note is a document that can serve as important proof for your recovery during a car accident claim. One of the main reasons to get a doctor’s note is for work purposes. Your employer may request a doctor’s note to grant your sick leave or time off request.

The doctor’s note to your employer should include your official diagnosis, how it will impact/interfere with your work, your treatment plan and how much time you will reasonably need off work to heal. This information can allow your employer to make decisions about your employment, such as offering work in a reduced capacity or giving you paid/unpaid time off. A doctor’s note should be as detailed and specific as possible for your employer and for use during your injury claim later.

Using a Doctor’s Note During an Injury Claim

During an injury claim, an insurance company will need to see all medical records connected to your car accident as proof of your injuries. This includes records of doctor’s appointments, x-rays and tests, hospital stays, long-term care plans, medications, follow-up visits, referrals for specialists, and any doctor’s notes regarding time off work.

Make copies of all relevant medical records. A paper trail documenting your crash-related injuries and medical care can serve as indisputable proof during an San Antonio injury claim rather than just your word against the defendant’s. The more medical documentation you have proving your injuries and related damages, the stronger your claim to compensation could be.

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