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West Fertilizer Plant Explosion Response

Owner Issues Statement Regarding Tragedy

Over the past 24 hours, the news has been laden with stories of death, destruction, loss, and tragedy related to the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion.  It appears, at this time, that a combination of fire and chemicals, likely ammonium nitrate, led to an explosion that killed many and leveled homes, business, apartments, and other structures.  Videos and photos have surfaced showing massive destruction, loss and ruin.  Currently, the exact cause is unknown but it is known that the company had told the EPA that there was “no risk” of this type of catastrophic event and that the company had been cited previously related to storage of explosive chemicals.

The Texas Plant Explosion Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has worked on many cases related to loss, fire, and explosions in the workplace.  Some of these losses and explosions have led to the loss of property, life and limb outside the worksite.  In West, Texas, the explosions have led to serious and catastrophic loss of life, property, and livelihoods.  Finally, Donald Adair, one of the owners of West Fertilizer Co., who is also the owner of Adair Grain, Inc. and a lifelong resident of West, Texas, has issued a statement:

“This has been a terrible week for everyone in West, Texas and I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt sympathy for those affected and my appreciation for those who responded. As a lifelong resident, my heart is broken with grief for the tragic losses to so many families in our community. I know that everyone has been deeply affected by this incident. Loved ones have been injured or killed. Homes have been damaged or destroyed. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered. The selfless sacrifice of first responders who died trying to protect all of us is something I will never get over. I was devastated to learn that we lost one of our employees in the explosion. He bravely responded to the fire at the facility as a volunteer firefighter. I will never forget his bravery and his sacrifice, or that of his colleagues who rushed to the trouble. This tragedy will continue to hurt deeply for generations to come. My family and I can’t express enough our deep appreciation for the loving service and selfless sacrifice from within and around our community responding to the urgent needs of those affected. I am proud to be associated with West Church of Christ, which has opened its doors to the State of Texas to provide grief counseling services. My family and I will continue to assist in relief efforts through our church family. The genuine kindness we have witnessed will be the hallmark for all of our children’s children. Going forward, the owners and employees of Adair Grain and West Fertilizer Co. are working closely with investigating agencies. We are presenting all employees for interviews and will assist in the fact finding to whatever degree possible. We pledge to do everything we can to understand what happened to ensure nothing like this ever happens again in any community. While the investigation continues, and out of respect for the investigative process, we will limit our comments during the weeks and months ahead

These statements provide little relief to those that have lost their lives, families that have lost loved ones, people forever burned and maimed, owners of property destroyed, and others that have lost their livelihoods.  If you have questions regarding the loss of property, injuries, or the loss of a loved one, contact Hill Law Firm today.  Consultations are always free.

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