One Killed, Two Injured in Houston Pickup-Trailer Wreck

A pickup truck carrying a loaded trailer lost control and crashed into a concrete pillar on the U.S. 59 frontage road on the afternoon of Monday, August 12, killing one of the three passengers in the truck and injuring two others.

According to Houston police, the single vehicle crash occurred at about 12:15 p.m. on the frontage road for Eastex Freeway near Parker. The pickup, which was  pulling a trailer containing a large compressor and backhoe, apparently blew its left front tire, which caused the driver to lose control and smash into a concrete pillar located just east of the frontage road. The impact apparently caused the trailer to crash into the truck’s cab.

The passenger sitting in the front seat died at the scene. The driver and the passenger in the rear seat of the cab were both transported to area hospitals, where their condition is unknown.

According to Houston Fire Department, the blown tire and high speed combined as factors in the crash. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

This terrible accident has undoubtedly changed the lives of several families. Police and investigators with Texas state and local agencies will conduct a thorough investigation of this accident, to find out the precise cause or causes of the accident. While the blown tire may be presumed to be the cause on first glance, there a number of other factors to be considered, as well.

Since the truck was pulling a trailer with a backhoe and a compressor, it can be assumed to be a work truck, which may be owned by a construction or other company. Therefore, who was responsible for maintenance of the truck and the trailer, and were they meeting their responsibilities? Was the driver sufficiently trained with regard to what he should do in case of a tire blowout? Were all proper OSHA regulations followed? Was the driver speeding, or going faster than were allowed by the trailer manufacture? Was the tire defective, and subject to recall?

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