Top 10 Causes of Birthing Negligence Injuries

Avoidable Birth Defects Discussed

One of the most important days in any persons life is the day their child is born.  With equal parts fear, love, nervousness, and excitement, parents anxiously await the delivery to be over and the doctor to say that mother and child are healthy and happy.  Until those words are spoken, there is a lot of fear, concern and hope that everything will be okay.  Unfortunately, for some, the medical process does not work how it should and babies are born injured.  Sometimes the delivery is done incorrectly leading to the death of children, death of mother, or long-term serious complications for both.  When this happens, there must be a determination as to whether or not this complication and terrible result were avoidable.

The Texas Birth Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has represented multiple families whom have children with terrible disabilities and defects caused by the medical negligence of nurses, hospitals, and/or doctors during the delivery process.  A determination of cause is always required when discussing legal options with a family whom has suffered this tragedy.  Some of the more common causes of birthing injuries include:

  • Failure to detect and/or treat infections in the mother during pregnancy;
  • Failing to monitor fetal heart rate monitor before and during birth;
  • Failing to detect a prolapsed umbilical cord;
  • Failing to determine the size of the baby and schedule a cesarean delivery if necessary;
  • Failing to timely respond to fetal distress;
  • Failing to properly monitor and test a mother during pregnancy;
  • Failing to anticipate and plan for likely complications;
  • Failing to properly maneuver a baby causing shoulder dystocia;
  • Delay in performing a necessary c-section delivery, and
  • Negligence in using vacuuming devices during delivery.

There are many other avoidable complications during birth that can lead to serious injuries and deaths of babies.  If your baby was born injured and you would like to speak with an attorney to determine if you have any legal options, contact the Texas Birthing Negligence Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today.  Hill Law Firm works with a team of nurses, doctors, and other attorneys to ensure that you get the answers you need regarding any potential medical negligence during deliver.  If you have questions, call today for a free legal consultation.

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