Texas Bicycle Laws You Should Know

Riding a bike is a convenient form of transportation and a great way to get some exercise. But, if you’re going to ride your bicycle on the streets, you should know that laws apply specifically to you. These laws are designed to keep motorists and cyclists safe while sharing the road. Be sure to learn and understand the laws that apply to cyclists on the road before you set out. If you get into a collision, speak to an experienced bicycle accident attorney in San Antonio as soon as possible. These laws include the following:

Adhere to Posted Signs and Lights (551.101)

Cyclists, just like cars, are required by law to stop at stop signs and red lights. This is for your safety. If you don’t stop at a stop sign, a driver may be already making a turn, not see you coming, and can hit you. And because as a cyclist, you are much more vulnerable than a vehicle passenger, you will likely be hurt. 

Use Your Signals (545.107)

Let others on the road know your intentions by using hand signals. For the same reason cars are required to signal their intentions – to let others know what move they are going to make – you need to do this too. Doing so could prevent an accident.

The following signals should be used by bicyclists:

  • To signal you are stopping – extend your left hand out and bend your elbow to extend your forearm downward at a 90-degree angle 
  • To signal a left turn – extend your left arm out horizontally
  • To signal a right turn – extend your left arm out to the left and bend your elbow to extend your forearm up at a 90-degree angle, OR extend your right arm out horizontally

Equip Your Bike with Lights (551.104b)

Make sure your bike has a white light on the front and a red reflector or light on the rear. This is especially important if you are riding while it is dark out. These lights mimic the headlights and tail lights of a car and help other motorists to see you in low light conditions.

The headlamp or white light on the front of your bicycle should be visible from at least 500 feet in front of you. The red light or reflectors on the rear of your bike should be visible from 300 feet behind (reflector) or 500 feet behind (light).

Ride Near the Curb and with the Flow of Traffic (551.103)

When riding on the road, ride near the curb, or in the bike lane if available, and go in the same direction as the other traffic. This allows you to have a safe amount of distance from vehicles on the road and avoid causing accidents by riding with the flow. 

These laws are a few of the most important laws that apply to bicyclists on the road, but there are several more. As a bicyclist, it is your responsibility to study, know, and understand all the rules that pertain to you on the road so that you may operate your bicycle in the proper manner and keep yourself safe. A bicycle and car accident lawyer in San Antonio can assist you if you are harmed due to the negligent actions of another biker or motorist.

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