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Sunscreen Recall

Infection due to Bacteria Cited

W.S. Badger Co. Inc., a New Hampshire company that describes itself as a leading manufacturer of natural and organic sunscreens, has announced a recall of nearly 30,000 tubes of Badger sunscreens for children and babies because of testing uncovered possible contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi. The products subject to the voluntary recall include all lots of the company’s 4-ounce SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Lotion and one lot of 4-ounce SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Lotion.

According to the company, all of the products passed internal testing before they were put on sale in February, but when they put the products through routine quality checks later, testing turned up three microbes, including Candida parapsilosis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Candida parapsilosis is a yeast-related fungus. In some cases, infection can lead to endocarditis, meningitis, peritonitis, all of which can lead to months or years of medical treatment, and can be fatal. It can also lead to a number of serious infections in eyes and ears, leading to blindness and/or loss of hearing.

The pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium can cause serious infection, the symptoms of which can include inflammation and sepsis of the lungs, kidneys and urinary tract. Sometimes, these infections can be fatal.  Children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to these infections.

The company said their internal testing indicated that the problems stemmed from what they called “preservative instability.” In a statement on their website, Badger executives apologized for the problems and claimed there have been no reports of adverse reactions. They also claimed that toxicologists have assured them that these organisms were “unlikely to cause problems except for immune-compromised persons or for persons with severely damaged skin.” Since these products are labeled as being for babies and small children, however, they are probably also at risk, given their underdeveloped immune systems and their sensitive skin.

If you have purchased some of this sunscreen, you should follow the recall and return the product for a full refund. If you have used this sunscreen anytime on either your child or yourself, and you or your child have become ill, call a doctor immediately. Then, contact the Defective Consumer Products attorneys at Hill Law Firm to protect your rights under the law.

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