Spinach Recalled for E.Coli in Texas

Spinach Recalled for E.Coli in Texas by Texas Food Poisoning Lawyers Hill Law Firm

Spinach recalls due to E. coli contamination are not a new thing.  In recent years, there have been many recalls associated with Spinach contaminated with E.Coli.  These recalls often center on improper handling or cleaning of the spinach.  Animal feces and other contaminants have been known to taint spinach leading to E. coli spinach outbreaks.

This week, another recall involving Spinach has been initiated because of suspected E. coli contamination. This time, the spinach comes from Taylor Farms, for some of its baby spinach. The Taylor Farms spinach is distributed all over Texas, and has been sold under a variety of brand names.

Among the brand names being recalled are:

  • Central Market Organics. The recalled product was sold in Texas with the UPC number 0-41220-18534-4 and a best by date of 2/24/2013.
  • Full Circle brand organic baby spinach. This product was also sold in Texas, with the UPC number of -81131-32898-2 and best by dates of February 24, 2013.
  • Also included in this recall and sold in Texas were the Simple Truth Organic baby spinach and the Taylor Farms Organic baby spinach.

The general public does not understand the danger associated with food poisoning.  Eating Spinach contaminated with E. coli can lead to serious, long term, and debilitating injuries.. Some strains of E. coli can produce a toxin that can do damage to the intestinal lining, and result in diarrhea, sometimes bloody. Those infected with E. coli can develop a number of symptoms within 1-4 days after contamination. Symptoms can include abdominal cramps, mild to severe diarrhea, vomiting, and in some extreme cases, kidney disease. In some cases, it can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) which is a kidney disease that kills about 10% who contract it. But even if the victim doesn’t die, HUS can result in months or years of dialysis.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to contaminated food, you need a lawyer that will stick up for your legal rights.  If you need to talk to a lawyer regarding food borne illness injuries, call the Texas Food Poisoning Injuries at Hill Law Firm today.

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