Should You Contact a Lawyer After a Car Crash?

In 2018, one reported car crash occurred every 58 seconds in Texas, according to the Department of Transportation. The state reported almost 15,000 serious injuries and 3,700 deaths related to car crashes in 2018. A car accident lawyer can be extremely beneficial to a victim with serious injuries after a vehicle collision. Where major injuries and expensive damages are involved, a lawyer can be an invaluable resource. Minor car accident cases, however, may not require help from lawyers.

If You Need Free Advice or Guidance

Whether you were in a minor or major car crash, a lawyer can give you sound legal advice – usually for free. Most personal injury lawyers in Texas offer free initial consultations so you can ask questions and get dependable answers with no financial risk. If you have any questions about your car accident claim or the insurance process, big or small, call a lawyer for guidance. Personal injury lawyers work for the people, not for big corporations or insurance companies. You can trust the advice you get will serve your best interests, therefore, even if you choose not to hire the attorney.

If You Have Serious Injuries

A car accident can completely derail your life, changing the outlook of your physical, mental, emotional and financial future. It could put you thousands of dollars in debt from expensive medical bills on top of lost wages. It could also cause disabilities that reduce your quality of living or enjoyment of life. While a lawyer cannot reverse the losses related to a car crash, he or she can help you move forward in confidence with the compensation you deserve.

A lawyer can provide many benefits to you if you were in a serious car accident in Texas. If you have injuries that will temporarily or permanently take you out of work, cause significant pain and suffering, loss of limb, permanent disfigurement, or disabilities, contact a lawyer to help you with the claims process. Otherwise, you could end up accepting less than you need from an insurance company.

The higher the value of your losses, the greater the stakes during your car accident case. Hiring a lawyer can protect you from common problems such as the other driver refusing to admit fault or an insurance company undervaluing your damages. Your lawyer can give you an accurate estimate of your damages, so you go into settlement negotiations with the information you need to make a smart decision on when to settle. Your lawyer can also take over negotiations or litigation on your behalf, so you can focus on healing instead of a legal battle.

If Your Case Involves Complicated Factors

A car accident case can easily become complicated by factors that are outside of the ordinary. If the driver that crashed into you does not have insurance, for example, you will have an uninsured motorist claim on your hands. Other common complications include drunk driving, hit-and-run, broken laws, comparative negligence, wrongful death, pre-existing injuries, multiple defendants, employer liability, insurance bad faith or an insurance company that is refuting fault. A car accident case that involves any unusual or complex factors can benefit from an attorney’s assistance.

Insurance bad faith refers to a car insurance company not treating a claim with honest intentions or good faith. Examples of bad faith include an insurer denying a valid claim, ignoring a claim and offering a lowball settlement. A lawyer can help you stand up against an insurer that is refusing to treat your claim reasonably. If you believe you deserve more than an insurance company is offering, contact a lawyer for advice. Once you accept a settlement, you cannot change your mind. When in doubt about any aspect of your car accident claim, contact an attorney for counsel before it is too late.

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