Saturday Night Accident

There were three potentially serious overnight accidents in the Houston area Saturday night, keeping police very busy and serving as a reminder that accidents can happen at any time, and drivers should always be alert.

The first Saturday night crash occurred at around 11 p.m., near the Buffalo Bayou, which is just east of downtown Houston, when a driver with two passengers in tow was traveling north on Lockwood Drive when she lost control of her vehicle near Harvey Wilson Drive, resulting in the car skidding sideways into a telephone pole. The pole split in half and the driver and one passenger in the back seat were ejected from the vehicle. In addition, a car that was following braked quickly and swerved to miss the first car, blowing two tires and crashing into the median. That accident left everyone with only minor injuries and no hospitalizations.

Then, at about 2:45 a.m, a driver was speeding in his pickup truck along FM 1960 in Humble near Moonshine Hill Loop, when he lost control. His vehicle slid across the road and ended up wrapped around another wooden telephone pole. EMTs and firefighters were able to extricate the driver from the vehicle and he was transported to nearby Ben Taub Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. Not all of the details of the accident are known, but the Harris County Sheriff’s office is conducting an investigation as to whether alcohol was involved in the crash.

The night wasn’t over for police, however, as another speeding driver in southwest Houston crashed his car about a half hour later, at about 3:15 a.m. He was traveling south on Highway 90, around Holmes Road, when he failed to negotiate a sharp curve and crashed into an inside concrete wall. The force took the car over the wall and caused it to roll several times over a grassy area, where it rolled several times. Houston Fire Department personnel were able to pull the driver from the wreckage and he was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was listed in serious condition. In that case, as well, police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor.

All three of these accidents demonstrate that traffic accidents can happen at any time and can disrupt lives. Every aspect of these accidents will have to be investigated thoroughly. There may be factors involved that aren’t apparent at the very beginning. For example, road conditions at the time may have led to the accident, or perhaps there was an obstacle or another vehicle that no one saw. Perhaps there was a defect with the vehicle itself that led to a loss of control. Until a complete investigation is done, it’s not possible to know who is responsible for any accident.

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