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San Antonio Teen Hit by Truck

San Antonio Teen Hit by Truck: Teen Fighting for Life

A teenager is fighting for his life in critical condition at a San Antonio hospital today, after being hit by a tractor-trailer dragged along a road early today, as he was on his way to school.

According to reports from the school district, the 17-year-old, a junior at O’Connor High School in Helotes, was walking toward the school at around 8:30 a.m. when one of his friends stopped his car and offered him a ride. As he stepped out into Leslie Rd., he was hit by an 18-wheel gravel truck, and dragged for about 30 or 40 feet before the truck finally stopped.

San Antonio Police reported that the truck driver attempted to avoid the boy, but when he swerved, his truck hit another car, which resulted in redirecting the truck back toward the teen.  After the truck stopped, the teen remained pinned beneath the truck for a while, before emergency crews arrived and were able to free him. He was then transported to University Hospital with “significant injuries.” As of noon today, he was still in surgery.

The accident was witnessed by some of the boy’s friends and a teacher at the school rushed in to offer assistance. They were all described by SAPD as being “quite traumatized” by the event. Though school went on as scheduled, the school district did provide students with grief counselors to help them deal with the accident. The teen’s parents and an O’Connor High administrator were with him at the hospital.

Though police did not cite the driver, don’t anticipate filing charges, and said speed was not a factor in the accident, some residents in the area seem to be unsure about that. The truck, which belongs to a company that does business on Leslie Ave., has been described by some as going “very fast,” and suggested that such speed is not unusual in that area.

This young man’s family deserves some answers, which means someone has to conduct a thorough investigation of all aspects of this accident. It doesn’t matter if the truck driver isn’t charged with a traffic offense; he may still be liable for this accident. It’s also possible that something on his truck was defective, or that proper maintenance was not performed. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed as a pedestrian in an accident with a large truck, contact the Texas Truck Accident Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm as soon as possible to protect your rights.


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