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Accidents involving large commercial trucks often become incredibly difficult for drivers and passengers in regular vehicles. At Hill Law Firm, our San Marcos truck accident lawyers know how challenging it can be to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers and trucking companies after these incidents occur. Our team has the resources necessary to go toe-to-toe with the at-fault truck driver or trucking company to help ensure that our clients recover total compensation for their losses.

Turn to Hill Law Firm for Your Truck Accident Claim in San Marcos

  • Justin Hill is an experienced trial attorney who has turned his attention to handling complex personal injury and vehicle accident claims throughout Texas.
  • Our team has an extensive track record of success, and we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients throughout this state.
  • We take truck accident claims in San Marcos on that contingency fee basis. This means that clients do not have to worry about paying legal fees until we recover the money they are entitled to.

Why Do You Need an Attorney for a San Marcos, TX Truck Accident Case?

Truck accident cases in San Marcos are much more challenging than traditional vehicle accident claims. The reality is that trucking companies have vast resources at their disposal that they can use to make these cases go away. However, when you have a truck accident attorney by your side, you will have an advocate who can go head to head with these trucking companies and their insurance carriers.

A San Marcos injury attorney will investigate the incident, determine liability, ensure their client is evaluated by trusted medical professionals, and negotiate with other parties involved to recover total compensation on behalf of their client.

Will Insurance Cover Truck Accident Claim Expenses?

During the latest reporting year across Texas, we can see that there were 414 total fatal accidents involving large commercial trucks, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. However, this statistic does not paint a clear picture of the total devastation caused by commercial vehicles. The DOT also shows that there were more than 32,000 total commercial vehicle accidents reported across Texas during that same reporting year.

Regardless of whether or not the truck driver involved is an independent owner-operator or works for a trucking company, there should be insurance coverage for property damage and injury victims. Commercial truck insurance policies are designed to cover a variety of expenses if the truck driver or trucking company was responsible for the collision. This includes:

  • Complete coverage of medical bills arising due to the crash
  • All property damage expenses
  • Household out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lost income if a victim cannot work
  • Pain and suffering damages

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If you or somebody you love has been injured in an accident caused by a truck driver or trucking company in the San Marcos, Texas area, reach out to the team at Hill Law Firm for help as soon as possible. We pledge to fully investigate every aspect of the claim, properly determine liability, and fully represent you in court. We want to make sure that you recover total compensation so you can make a full recovery. When you need a San Marcos truck accident attorney, you can contact us by clicking here for a free consultation or calling us at (210) 960-3939.

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