Property Damage Widespread in West, Texas

Property Damage Widespread in West, Texas: Explosion Destroyed Property Around Plant

The Texas Explosion Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has handled cases involving some of the largest industrial explosions in recent U.S. history.  While it is most important, at this point, to care for those injured or seeking medical attention, even those that lost financially should be compensated for their losses.  Hill Law Firm has experience doing just this.  For example, John Ramsey represented many home and business owners that had property damage following the Texas City BP refinery blast.  In those cases, Mr. Ramsey was able to recovery money from BP, and others, to compensate our clients for the damage and repairs to their property.  In light of this experience, here are some common questions.

The blast destroyed my home or business, do I have rights?

The answer is, Yes.  Anyone that has suffered loss–injuries, financial, or other loss–have a potential claim against the parties responsible for this blast.

What should I do to protect my rights at this time?

There are a few things anyone that has suffered loss as a result of the 2013 Texas Fertilizer Explosion should do.  First, document everything that you can.  Take photos of any and all property damage.  Get estimates, sometimes multiple, on the cost to fix this damage.  Contact your insurance and let them know what happened.  Finally, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to stand up for your rights against the well-funded corporations.

How long before I receive justice for the damage to my property or business?

This is a very common question in all litigation.  The answer is simply that it depends.  A small lawsuit can take over a year to fully resolve.  In a large multi-party lawsuit, it can take even longer.  The important thing is to document your evidence and seek competent legal representation.

If you have questions regarding your rights for property damage to your home or business as a result of the Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, call the Texas Explosion Property Damage Lawyer at Hill Law Firm today. We have experience in preserving claims for injury victims and property damage victims as the result of large explosions.  Consultations are always free.

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