Pizza Recall Due to Sharp Plastic

Pizza Recall Due to Sharp Plastic:  Company Issues Food Recall for Frozen Pizza

When a consumer eats a frozen pizza, he or she shouldn’t have to worry about being presented with a choking hazard due to shards of plastic mixed in with the cheese and toppings. And yet, that is what some people may face should they eat one of the pizzas recently recalled by a Wisconsin-based pizza producer.

The frozen pizza division of Nestle USA of Little Chute has issued a voluntary recall of four of their frozen pizza products that could possibly be contaminated with clear brittle plastic fragments with very sharp edges,

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety and Inspection Service, the following products are being recalled:

  • California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust White, UPC 71921 98745; production codes are 3062525951, 3062525952 and 3063525951.
  • California Pizza Kitchen Limited Edition Grilled Chicken with Cabernet Sauce, UPC 71921 00781; production code is 3059525952.
  • DiGiorno Crispy Flatbread Pizza Tuscan Style Chicken, UPC 71921 02663; production codes are 3057525922 and 3058525921.
  • DiGiorno pizzeria! Bianca/White Pizza, UPC 71921 91484; production code is 3068525951.

To locate the production codes, look for a blue or pink rectangular box on a side panel of the pizza box. The production code is on the second line of the printed code and is the first ten digits of the number.

The pizzas that are being recalled were manufactured during February and March. The company usually delivers pizzas to stores and places them in freezer cases directly, so their employees are in the process of removing the pizzas from stores, but they are asking consumers to check their freezers for product.

According to the USDA, at least one consumer has reported a chipped tooth after biting into one of the California Pizza Kitchen products. Because the problem was traced to a particular lot of spinach, all other pizzas that used the same spinach were added to the recall.

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