Nap Nanny Recalled: Infant Deaths Prompt Action

Sometimes, even after a product is recalled, a terrible tragedy can still occur. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued yet another consumer alert designed to warn parents who may still be holding onto a Nap Nanny infant recliner to not just cease using it, but to get rid of it immediately. This latest warning comes after an incident in which a sixth baby died while using one. Nap Nannies were first subject to a voluntary recall back in 2010.

The 2010 recall, which was prompted by the death of one infant, only included a few Nap Nanny models. But by June 2013, the recall was expanded to include all models after the product’s injury count grew to nearly 100 and the number of infant deaths grew to five. The recall expansion was part of a settlement with the CPSC of a December 2012 administrative case that sought a mandatory recall of all Nap Nanny products.

The latest infant to die in a Nap Nanny was an 8-month-old girl in Hopatcong New Jersey. The girl, who was secured in the device by a belt, was found hanging off the side of a Nap Nanny, suffocated after she became trapped between the Nap Nanny and the crib bumper. That accident occurred at the end of May.

Upon receiving the report, the CPSC responded immediately, asking that all new parents stop using the devices and to get rid of them because of the danger. While the Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill devices have not been sold in stores or online in almost two years, more than 160,000 were sold from 2009-2012. As a result, they’re being handed down to other new parents and even being sold at garage sales and flea markets, as well.

For years, the company maintained the Nap Nanny was not defective if used properly, and that it was parents’ misuse of the device that caused all of the problems. CPSC officials disagreed.

If you have one of these devices or know someone who has one, everyone should stop using it immediately and destroy it. You could be saving a life if you do. And if your child has been injured or killed due to using a Nap Nanny or any other defective child product, please feel free to contact the Texas Defective Product Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm immediately, so that we can look into the product and the circumstances and protect your rights.

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