Most Dangerous Jobs in Texas

The Great State of Texas was built by the hands of hard working Texans.  Texas has always been known for robust oil, agricultural, and manufacturing industries.  Now, technology companies are included in the discussion about what makes the Texas economy so good. No matter where you look in Texas, signs of economic prosperity and progress are seen.

The Port of Houston is one of the busiest in the world.  The oil fields of North, South, West, and East Texas have accounted for hundreds of thousands of jobs over the past 100 years.  The farming and ranching industry has given Texas a very unique identity.  NASA, Boeing, and Bell Helicopter have provided for a very serious aerospace industry.  Dell, AMD, Intel, Texas Instruments and other tech companies have moved Texas into the 21st century.  Almost every industry is represented in Texas.

With every economic boom, comes a price.  In Texas, this price has too often been paid by the hard working blue-collar employees that help make all of these companies work.  Texas leads the nation in worker deaths.  Texas has some of the worst statistics regarding worker safety, health, and injuries.  Texas fails to regulate industries which leads to more injuries to workers.  Texas also has a large number of some of the most dangerous jobs in America.  The following is a select list of some of the most dangerous jobs in America that have a large presence in Texas:

  1. Logging workers;
  2. Roofers;
  3. Oil Field Workers;
  4. Agricultural Workers;
  5. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers;
  6. Firefighters;
  7. Truck Drivers;
  8. Construction Workers;
  9. Electrical Workers; and
  10. Steel Workers.

With the huge boom in Texas, Texas has seen a large increase in the number of Texans working in construction, oil & gas, aviation, trucking, roofing, steel, and electrical trades.  The increase in inherently dangerous jobs in Texas, and the state’s unwillingness to regulate industries for safety, has proven a bad combination with tragic results.  If you have been injured on the job or lost a loved one on the job, call San Antonio personal injury attorney at Hill Law Firm today to discuss your legal rights.

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