Should Parents Worry About a Moldy Teething Toy?

There has been a lot of concern expressed by parents in recent days over one of the most popular infant teething toys in the world, Sophie the Giraffe, after parents have flooded social media with reports that the toy, which is made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree,  has a tendency to develop disturbing levels of mold. This possibly moldy teething toy may become a big problem.

The concern began after online reviews of the product late last year began to include some disgusting pictures of the mold growing inside the toy, began proliferating late last year. Those concerns were recently echoed by a pediatric dentist, who reported to a major consumer publication that, when she opened up her child’s Sophie the Giraffe, she found what she described as “a science experiment” living inside. She opened up the toy when she noticed that the air that came out of the hole in the toy smelled a bit musty. When she cut open the toy, she found what she called “smelly, ugly mold” living in the toy.

The toy, which sells for about $24 in many baby stores, has become extremely popular recently as it has been adopted by many celebrity parents. Despite its recent popularity surge, however, Sophie the Giraffe has been sold since 1961 and it has been highly recommended by pediatricians and other child health experts, primarily for its shape, which is easy for a baby to grasp.

For their part, the French manufacturer of the toy, Vulli, has issued a statement in response to the controversy, noting that the popular teething toy comes with a warning that Sophie could become damaged if it is submerged in water. They also note that the company recommends that the toy, and anything a child puts in their mouth, be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth and soapy water. The company said that the water should be prevented from getting inside the small hole on one side of the toy, as it may become damaged.

Some pediatrics specialists are telling parents of healthy children not to panic, but they do warn that parents of children with an allergy to mold or a weakened immune system should be extremely aware of their child’s reaction and if they see any negative health effects, they should seek medical attention. They also echo the recommendation that parents always wash anything that goes into their child’s mouth on a regular basis with warm soapy water.

We will continue to monitor this situation. Child’s toys should be manufactured as safely as possible. If some children are getting sick because a toy manufacturer has not warned parents of possible problems that may develop, or because they haven’t properly instructed parents on how to keep their baby safe, they may be negligent and parents may have recourse for holding them responsible.

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