Mistakes Injury Victims Make

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Discussed

When someone has been injured in an accident, the first thing they must do is seek medical attention to treat any injuries they may have sustained.  Further, injury victims must try to plan for their treatment in light of their job and personal commitments.  It is at this time when a million things are going through the head of accident victims that they must also try to consider protecting their rights to protect them and their families from being saddled with bills, debt, and long term problems that could have been avoided.

When people are injured in accidents, they must at some point consider their legal rights and options.  While this is not always easy to do, family members sometimes help victims protect their rights.  Many victims make mistakes that can forever affect their ability to seek justice against wrongdoers for causing these injuries.  Some of the most common mistakes our San Antonio, Texas personal injury attorneys at Hill Law Firm has seen by victims include:

  1. Waiting:  Immediately after an accident is when evidence is most preserved and eye-witness testimony is fresh.  This is when it is most important to document evidence, preserve evidence, and take statements.  Also, immediately after an accident is when letters should be sent to all parties involved instructing them not to destroy evidence.
  2. Signing Documents without Advice:  Insurance companies and corporations are notorious for swooping in immediately after an accident and attempting to catch victims unprepared and secure a release of all claims.
  3. Signing with Case Runners:  In Texas, too often, case runners (non-lawyers) approach families and offer them money to sign a contract.  These case runners  work with unscrupulous lawyers.  When victims sign with these case runners they are encouraging a crime, and committing to a lawyer that may be ill prepared to handle their claim.
  4. Settling too Low:  Until a victim has spoken to a lawyer, they are typically in no position to properly value their claim.
  5. Provide Recorded Statements to Insurance:  After accidents, insurance companies will often call victims and attempt to get a recorded statement.  These statements are taken by trained insurance adjusters and are often Exhibit “A” when insurance is trying to avoid paying their fair share.
  6. Destroying Evidence:  Following an accident or incident, any and everything may be related to that incident.  It should all be preserved until a lawyer can evaluate whether it has any relevance to potential claims.
  7. Lying:  Unfortunately, some victims lie in an attempt to help their potential claims.  That is a bad idea.  It almost always comes back to hurt the real viable claim.
  8. Social Media:  In today’s world, too many people attempt to work out their problems in social media.  If you have been in an accident, do not take all your thoughts and opinions to the social media arena.  It will be twisted and used against you.
  9. Hiring the Wrong Lawyer:  Just because someone is on TV or is a friend of a friend, does not mean they are the best attorney for your potential claim.  Victims should do their research and find the lawyer that has experience in the area they need before hiring an attorney.
  10. Not Listening:  This advice is given to new clients, old clients, potential clients, and is all too often ignored.  If you have been a victim, seek medical attention, take care of your family, and follow this advice.

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