Kraft Mac and Cheese Recall

Metal Pieces Lead to Kraft Mac and Cheese Recall

One of the most popular foods in the world comes in those familiar blue boxes containing Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. However, there may be a problem in some of those little boxes. Yesterday The Kraft Food Group, Inc. issued a voluntary recall of some of these boxed dinners because some of them may contain small metal pieces.

In all, the recall affects about 242,000 cases of the 7.25-oz. size original flavor Macaroni & Cheese. The boxes have a UPS code of 0 21000 65883 1 and are marked with “Best When Used By” dates anywhere between September 18, 2015 and October 11, 2015. The boxes are also stamped with “C2” directly below the date, which refers to the specific production line on which the recalled product was made.

Included in the recall are:

  • Individual 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor
  • The three-pack of 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor
  • The shrink-wrapped 4-pack of 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor, and
  • The shrink-wrapped 5-pack of 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor

In some cases, the products in the multi-pack configurations will have different code dates and manufacturing codes on the outside of the box or shrink-wrap. The markings on each individual box will be the same as above, however.

In their recall notice, no other sizes, varieties or pasta shapes are included as part of this recall. Also, those packages with a manufacturing code other than “C2” below the best-by date are not being included in this recall.

Kraft claims it has received eight complaints or contacts from consumers regarding this problem, but they also note that no injuries have been reported.

If you have any Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, look closely to see it it’s one of the recalled products. If it is, make sure no one opens the box, and return it to the store where you purchased it for an exchange or a full refund.

If you or a loved one has eaten this or any other contaminated food product and has been injured or sickened, please see a doctor immediately. Then contact the Texas Food Contamination Lawyer at Hill Law Firm as soon as possible. We have experience handling food contamination cases against some of the largest companies in the United States, and we can help protect your rights.

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