Karnes County Well Explosion

Karnes County Well Explosion: At Least One Worker Burned

A fiery explosion at an oil well site in Karnes Count, Texas near Gillett, Texas has left one worker burned.  The accident happened early in the morning today and in a fairly rural area of Karnes County, Texas.  According to reports, four fire departments responded to the well and the fire is under control.  The one burned worker was care-flighted to San Antonio, Texas for treatment of his injuries.  No other injuries or property damage are reported at this time.

This Karnes County well explosion is not the first.  There was another incident just in the past month that left many more workers burned.  Karnes County, Texas is the largest oil producing county in the State of Texas.  With all that production, the likelihood of deadly and tragic accident occurring, like this one, is increasing daily.  It is imperative that the companies working in and around Karnes Count, Texas, and the rest of the Eagle Ford Shale, make safety a priority.  Policies and procedures must be followed, workers must be trained, workers must be screened, drug tests should be administered often and randomly, and unsafe practices must not be tolerated.

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Update: 1:58 p.m. October 8, 2013- The site where the explosion occurred appears to have been a saltwater disposal well site and not an oil well.  The saltwater disposal well is reportedly owned by Gulf Coast Acquisitions.  Many saltwater disposal wells have allegedly been disposing chemicals they are not permitted to dispose of.  Another saltwater disposal well site caught fire in South Texas recently and it was later uncovered they were disposing of flammable hydrocarbons when their permit did not allow for that type of disposal.

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