Importance of Medical History in Injury Cases, by John Contini

If you have just suffered from a serious injury, recovery is probably the main thing on your mind right now. You are more concerned with your future and recovery time than anything that has happened in the past.  However, when it comes to personal injury law events in the past can be all that matter. When investigating a San Antonio personal injury case the event that caused your injury needs to be extensively documented. Evidence needs to be collected and statements must be taken from all witnesses, no detail can be overlooked.

However, too often in personal injury cases, the clients tend to fudge or minimize or even omit altogether, their medical history, and when they do this, they do so at their own peril. It will only come back on them in very adverse ways later on in the case, often crippling any potential chances at real recovery and victory.

Always tell the truth about your accident history and/or your treatment history of injuries and health issues to your treating physicians and nurses. The insurance adjusters and lawyers for the other side will eventually discover this history that was omitted under oath, and when this happens, your credibility as an “injured” plaintiff (even if your present injuries are very real!) is virtually destroyed, and the other side will argue to the jury that your words and your representations are not worthy of belief. They’ll argue, “Ladies and gentlemen, if she lied before under oath about her health and accident history, then how do we know she is telling the truth now?”

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