Houston Wrong Way Accident

Houston Wrong Way Accident: Drunk Driving Blamed

Wrong way accidents seem to be on the increase in Texas lately, and a disturbing number of them seem to be caused by people who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol. One such accident occurred on the Katy Freeway recently.

The wrong-way accident, which occurred early in the morning, left one woman dead, a man hospitalized, and sent another to jail. The wrong-way driver, 26-year-old Brittini Kressin, has been charged with intoxication manslaughter for the accident that killed .

According to police, at just after midnight, Kressin drove her Chevrolet Cavalier the wrong way up an eastbound exit ramp of I-10 near North Durham. She then proceeded to rear end a Toyota Corolla, and continued driving until she hit a motorcycle rider.

A woman passenger who had been riding in the back seat of the Toyota, was immediately rushed to Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The motorcycle rider she struck was taken to the same hospital with a broken leg.

The wrong-way driver, Kressin, was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries but police noted that she exhibited signs of being intoxicated.  She later admitted that she had been drinking at a bar located just four miles from the scene of the accident. She was then taken into custody and booked into a local jail.

Anytime someone drinks to excess and decides to get behind the wheel of a car, that person has made a bad choice that puts everyone on the road at risk. It’s a decision that no one has to make, because there are alternatives, whether it’s calling a cab, appointing a designated driver, or sleeping it off in the car, or a nearby motel. Yet the alarming number of accidents in Texas involving drunk drivers indicates that a lot of people continue to make the wrong choice. A thorough investigation will be conducted, and it’s possible other people are at fault, as well, including the bartender who served her, or a bar employe who may have seen her stumble into her car and didn’t stop her.

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