Horse Injury Lawsuits

Do you own a horse, and need to know if you’re at risk for a horse injury liability lawsuit? Have you been injured by a horse, and want to know the next steps you can take? The first step in horse injury cases is deciding whether or not the owner of the horse is at fault, and to what degree. Horse injury lawsuits may become complicated very quickly.

Horse Liability Lawsuits

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Who’s at fault for a horse injury?

  • If the horse was loose when it injured someone, the owner can be accused of not keeping proper fencing or locks on gates.
  • If the horse has dangerous tendencies such as biting, headbutting, or kicking, and the owner doesn’t properly warn or prepare the victim, the owner may be at fault.
  • If the horse was on a road or another area that is not legally designated “open range,” the owner may be at fault for improper containment procedures.
  • If the horse owner was negligent in his or her care, handling, or riding of the horse, and the horse goes on to inflict injury or damage, the owner may be found to be at fault.
  • There may be other conditions in which the owner of the horse can be held liable as well.

Often, a horse owner may believe that homeowner’s insurance or rental insurance will cover their liability. However, this is often not the case, and many insurance companies may try to find legal loopholes which allow them to be free of the responsibility.

If you’ve been injured by a horse, or accused of being liable for another’s horse injury, the legal ramifications may be more complicated than you’d expect. An experienced personal injury attorney at Hill Law Firm can look at your case and advise you on your options. Contact a personal injury lawyer today with the form below, or at (210) 960-3939.

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