Greyhound Bus Accident Kills 1

Greyhound Bus Accident Kills 1: Bus Hit Tractor Trailer

Another Greyhound bus accident has let to another busing related death.  In the past thirty days, at least 11 people have been killed and hundreds seriously injured in accidents involving commercial motorcoach buses. Accidents in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and East Texas have involved motorcoach buses in which at least one person was killed.  The Pennsylvania accident happened today and involved a Greyhound bus rear-ending a large truck.  The accident remains under investigation.

Changes in transportation costs have led to an increase in ridership of commercial motorcoaches.  Greyhound is no longer the only name in commercial busing.  Now, names like Coach USA, Megabus, Tornado, Turimex, Americanos, Valley Transit, Peter Pan, and many others are competing in the market of commercial busing.  On top of that, there are hundreds of charter bus companies that are shuttling passengers all over the United States every day.

Likely the increase in number of buses on the road explains the increase in accidents involving buses.  With more buses on the road, there is a greater likelihood buses will be involved in accidents.  Unfortunately, most of these buses are not equipped with seatbelts, airbags, and other safety equipment, and, therefore, when they crash, often at highway speeds, many people are typically injured or killed.

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