Fire Hazard Leads to GE Washer Recall

Louisville, Kentucky-based GE Appliances has issued a voluntary recall of about 222,000 of its GE Profile high-efficiency top-loading clothes washers because of the possibility that an electrical component in the washers can overheat, which poses a significant risk of fire. This GE washer recall affects washers that are four cubic feet in size, come in gold, gray and white and have the label “GE Profile” printed on the front. The model number is located on the rear cover of the washer’s backsplash, just above the water valve connections. The model numbers subject to the recall include WPGT9350, WPGT9360 and WPGT9150 and all serial numbers are included.

According to the recall announcement by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), GE Appliances has thus far received more than 70 reports in which washer components have either burned or caught fire. Included among those reports are at least three in which there was serious property damage, totaling more than $120,000 so far. Thankfully, so far there are no reports of injuries.

These GE Appliances washers were sold between June 2003 and October 2011 at small and large retailers nationwide, including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears and Best Buy, for between $900 and $1,400, which means a lot of these washers may have been in consumers’ homes for quite some time. GE Appliances is asking any consumers with these recalled washers to stop using them and unplug them immediately. They should then call GE Appliances  or go to their website and click “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page for more information.

Manufacturers of consumer products have a duty to make their products as safe as possible, especially when it comes to appliances in the home. Unfortunately, fires caused by major appliances are not as rare as they should be. According to the CPSC, major appliances are the cause of about 150,000 fires every year, and those fires result in as many as 150 deaths, more than 3,600 injuries and about $500 million in property damage. While many of these fires are caused by human error or natural causes, many are caused by mechanical or functional issues with the appliances themselves.

To avoid problems, the CPSC suggests that consumers not run large appliances unattended, like putting in a load of laundry overnight, or putting a load in and leaving home to run an errand. They also recommend that appliance owners register them with the manufacturer, so that they will know when a recall like this occurs. If you have been notified of this recall, or you have one of these washers in your home, follow the recall instructions and have it repaired.

If you or a loved has been injured or killed by a defective appliance, or you have suffered significant property damage in a fire and you suspect that the fire may have been caused by a defective major appliance, please contact the knowledgeable and experienced Texas Consumer Product Safety Attorney atThe Hill Law Firm as soon as possible, so that we can investigate the situation and help you protect your rights under the law.

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