El Expreso Bus Accident Lawsuit

El Expreso Bus Accident Lawsuit: First Filed in Harris County, Texas

Hill Law Firm is proud to announce that we have filed the first lawsuit arising out of the East Texas El Expreso Bus Company accident on September 19, 2013 that left two people dead and dozens injured.  The lawsuit has been filed in Harris County District Court as this is the principal office for the company doing business as El Expreso Bus Company. Hill Law Firm represents two passengers on the bus whom are seeking unspecified damages for their personal injuries related to this accident.

According to new reports, this accident happened in East Texas around 1 a.m. in the morning.  According to reports, the El Expreso bus had stopped at truck stop to allow passengers to use the restroom.  After departing the truck stop, the bus driver was informed that a passenger had been left behind at the truck stop.  The bus driver initiated a u-turn to retrieve the stranded passenger.  Upon information and belief, the bus driver failed to keep a proper lookout in executing his turn and pulled out in front of an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer combination vehicle.  The accident caused two people to lose their lives and many to suffer serious injuries.

The attorney at Hill Law Firm has represented victims of bus accidents against some of the largest motorcoach busing companies in the United States.  Hill Law Firm has the resources and knowledge to stand up to these major corporations and demand justice for their clients.  If you or a loved one was injured in the El Expreso Bus Accident and want to discuss your legal rights, call Hill Law Firm today.


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