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Bracketville Family Killed by 18-Wheeler

Bracketville Family Killed by 18-Wheeler: Wrong Way Big Rig Accident Has Tragic End

The Texas Department of Transportation has been targeting two major problems on the state’s roads in recent years; drunk driving and wrong-way driving. Unfortunately, both problems converged over the weekend in a gruesome accident that left a family shattered.

In what is being called the deadliest accident in San Antonio in a year that has already seen a 30% increase in traffic fatalities, five members of a Brackettville family were driving their SUV home from a University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition in San Antonio Saturday night at around midnight, when they came upon an 18-wheeler that was barreling east in the westbound lanes on Highway 90.

The huge truck slammed head-on into the SUV, killing four of the five people inside. The only survivor of the crash, Zach Koontz, a seventh grader, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Those who didn’t make it were Zach’s parents, Kenneth and Melissa Koontz, and his two older sisters, Marley Ann and Madison. Earlier that evening, Madison had received recognition for her performance in a one-act play at the UIL.

The driver of the truck, Ruben Galindo, was uninjured in the crash. As soon as they arrived on the scene police tested him for intoxication and took blood, before arresting him on the scene. He was later charged with four counts of intoxication manslaughter. He is still in jail on a $1 million bond

According to police reports, Galindo seems to have left Highway 90 at one point, then became confused and re-entered the highway going the wrong way. It is unknown how long he’d been travelling the wrong way, but police say they received several calls about it before the crash, although the timing of the calls is currently unknown.

There was another crash soon after, when a woman swerved to void the Truck-SUV crash and managed to hit a median. Though she was taken to a hospital to be checked, she seemed to have suffered no serious injuries.

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