Bexar County $2,925,000 Jury Verdict

San Antonio intersection crash with Lyft vehicle

On July 22, 2022, the Hill Law Firm secured an almost three million dollar verdict for a woman that was injured in a terrible car crash. On the date of the incident, the plaintiff was a passenger in a Lyft driven by a Lyft driver. As the Lyft driver approached an intersection wtih a green light, another driver suffered a brake failure, ran the red light and hit the Lyft. The Plaintiff suffered a traumatic femur break that required screws, plates, and a rod to fixate.

The Lyft driver stated in his deposition that he was aware the other driver was approaching the intersection at high rate of speed, did not think she would stop, but still failed to react in anyway. The failure of these two drivers were the cause of the crash and the Plaintiff’s injuries according to the jury. We were honored to present this plaintiff during his jury trial in Bexar County and are very happy with the result.

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