Man Operating a Forklift

The Importance of Forklift Safety in the Workplace

  This marks the second post in our series on the importance of safe workplaces in San Antonio and the state of Texas. This time, we discuss one of the most common and useful heavy equipment found in many workplaces; the forklift. Forklifts Prevent Injury When Used Safely One of the most important and…

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Worker on a Roof

Things Every Employer Should Know Regarding Workplace Safety

OSHA workplace safety enforcement has had a difficult time of late. A spate of deregulation and depleted personnel due to the coronavirus pandemic have taken a toll on their safety enforcement, thus making the process more difficult. Also, the pandemic has shut down a large number of workplaces, and that makes discovering problems more…

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Ground Beef on a Cutting Board

Massive Ground Beef Recall: Check Your Freezers

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued a statement last Saturday in which it announced that a New Jersey processing company had issued a voluntary recall for nearly 43,000 pounds of raw ground beef products. The reason for the recall was based on a fear that the beef may…

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2016 Nissan Altima

Nissan Recalls 1.9 Million Altimas Because Hood Could Blow Off at High Speeds

At the end of last week, Nissan Corporation announced a voluntary recall of nearly 1.9 million midsize cars in the United States and Canada. The recall was the fourth for the same problem, in which a problem with a latch could cause the hood to fly open while driving at high speeds down the…

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Worker Using a Saw

The Most Common Causes of San Antonio Workplace Accidents

As we can tell when we commute to work on a normal day, every morning, thousands of workers through San Antonio and Bexar County head to work to make a living. Many will spend hours sitting at a desk inside an office, but thousands more will stock the shelves at a retail store or…

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Truck Crash at Night

Why Do So Many Truck Accidents Happen at Night?

Most truck drivers are professionals who usually operate their rigs safely. In most cases, they cover hundreds of miles over many hours per day, and they do so safely. That said, however, over the years, have been a rather continual increase in the number of truck accidents on Texas roads and beyond. Why Truck…

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Disposable Mask

What Texas Workers Should Know as They Return to Work

As everyone has no doubt noticed, many Texas businesses are scrambling to reopen following the extended response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. That means workers all over Texas are considering either a return to their previous work or preparing for a new job after an extended period of working at home. Many returning workers…

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Self-Driving Truck

Self-Driving Trucks Are Here, But People May Not be Ready

The promise of self-driving cars should seem like a dream come true for many drivers. After all, owning a self-driving car should sound like an incredible experience, making travel more convenient, reducing traffic and making a commute much more leisurely. In fact, the number of companies putting millions of dollars into the development of…

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Covid-19 Diagram

As Texans Return to Work, What Employers Should Know

As many Texas businesses begin to reopen following the response to the coronavirus pandemic, at the same time, workers statewide are also either considering a return to work after an extended period of working remotely, or accepting new employment with a new company. Many of those returning workers are currently receiving unemployment benefits; some…

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Person Working From Home

Working From Home Does Not Excuse Employers From Safety Responsibility

Under the current situation, fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19), many more people than usual are working from home than is usually the case. This has already been a problem for several years, but the situation has been a problem for some time, ever since companies began to figure out that technology makes it possible to…

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