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18-Wheeler Safety in the Rio Grande Valley

18-Wheeler Safety in the Rio Grande Valley: Limiting the Lane Usage by Big Rigs Might Lessen Accidents

When it comes to highway safety in Texas, 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are a large part of the equation  These large vehicles are increasingly common on the roads in South Texas–especially the Rio Grande Valley, Eagle Ford Shale communities and interstate traffic.  With the increase in commercial big rig, and 18 wheeler vehicle traffic, increased safety must be a major consideration.

Communities all over Texas are always looking at ways to improve roadway safety in and around where they live. Some will restrict vehicles to certain parts of towns. They may also post separate speed limits for 18-wheeler and/or place weight limits for bridges, overpasses, and roads. These types of measures are commonplace all over Texas. Lately,  the Texas Transportation Commission is helping some communities in and around the Rio Grande Valley try a new approach by to improve roadways safety in the Rio Grande Valley.

The approach they’ve chosen is definitely unique, but could very well be effective. The new regulation, which was approved the commission, will prohibit large trucks from operating in the left lane on a number of area roadways, including 78 miles of highway along U.S. 77/83 and U.S. Highway 281 in both Hidalgo and Cameron counties. Statewide, large trucks are not allowed to drive in left lanes on 443 miles of highways, stretching across 14 counties.

Officials believe that prohibiting large trucks from operating in the left lane will allow smaller passenger vehicles to use that lane move more quickly, and to reduce the number of lane changes and “passing maneuvers” by smaller vehicles, which could lead to a reduction in the number of crashes involving passenger vehicles and 18-wheelers and all accidents involving commercial motor vehicles. Large trucks will still be allowed to use the left lane to pass, and to exit the highway where applicable. This new approach by the Texas Transportation Commission is limiting the potential for dangerous, deadly and tragic accidents.

The Texas Trucking Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has handled 18-wheeler accident cases all over the State of Texas.  They have seen the damage and destruction caused by commercial motor vehicle accidents.  These life-changing accidents, oftentimes, can be prevented through proper driver training, driver screening, vehicle maintenance, and other simple safety procedures.  Now, the Texas Transportation Commission improving roadway safety through a new tact.  Either way, safety is the most important issue when it comes to our roadways.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, dump truck, cement truck, oilfield services truck or other commercial motor vehicle, call the Texas Trucking Accident Lawyer at Hill Law Firm.  Consultations are always free!


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