When workers are laid off suddenly and with no warning, through no fault of their own, the financial shock and indignity of the loss can often overwhelm them. Thankfully, the law recognizes this. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act provides up to 60 days of pay and benefits to those who are unlawfully laid off without advance written notice when they are employed by large employers.

What Does the WARN Act Do?

Generally speaking, the WARN Act protects hard-working employees from employers who terminate employment without proper notice. Generally, under the WARN Act, an employer is obligated to provide notice under WARN if they have 100 or more employees who have worked at least six of the previous 12 months, for more than 20 hours per week. The employees who are entitled to notice under WARN include all hourly and salaried workers, including managerial and supervisory employees.

This notice is required, even when a workplace, or “plant” is closing. According to the WARN Act, a “plant” is defined as any employment site or one or more facilities or operating units within an employment site. If the “plant” is to be shut down, and that shutdown is to result in the termination of 50 or more employees during any 30-day period, notice is required. Likewise, if there is no “plant” closing, the employer is required to give 60 days notice if the layoff results in loss of 500 or more employee jobs any 30-day period, or for 50-499 employees jobs if they constitute at least 33% of the employer’s active workforce.

Few workers are fully aware of their rights under the WARN Act, and many times, employers are unaware of the WARN Act themselves. Other times, however, employers exploit their employees’ lack of knowledge of the WARN Act for their own personal gain. That is where the experienced Texas WARN Act Lawyer at Hill Law Firm can help.

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