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Welding Torch Caused Utah Explosion

Welding Torch Caused Utah Explosion: Texas Company Controlled Site of Deadly Explosion

At a Utah drilling site run by a Texas company, a 28-year-old contract worker with Utah construction company Boren Construction was killed on May 7 when a 400-barrel oil storage tank blew up while he was performing what is being referred to as “routine maintenance.” Another worker who happened to be nearby was injured in the accident.

The contract worker who was killed was a welder, and the explosion is thought to have been triggered while he was using his acetylene torch on the tank or one of the tank’s valves. At the time of the accident, the tank was believed to have contained a mixture of crude oil and wastewater. Immediately after the blast, the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office evacuated the area and restricted access to the drilling site until investigators arrived and began their inquiry. A county coroner prepared to perform an autopsy, which is routine in such situations.

The Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining was notified of the fatal accident by Newfield Exploration Co., the prime contractor at the site, and the largest oil producer in the state. , of the workers death and the injury to the other worker. The injured worker, a well pumper. was taken to a local hospital with no-life threatening injuries and was expected to recover. Newfield Exploration Co. has its main office in The Woodlands, Texas. According to drilling records, last year the company extracted 8.5 million barrels of oil in Utah. The company has promised its full cooperation in the investigation, which is ongoing.

Because oil is flammable, extra precautions should be taken to protect the workers in the oil industry. Accidents can happen, but they can also too often be prevented. While the precise details of this accident are not yet known, and there is an ongoing investigation, there are times when companies find themselves in the position of having to produce oil quickly and cheaply, and they cut corners, and fail to take worker safety seriously. If this explosion occurred because the company failed to protect its workers, the victim and his family may be entitled to compensation.

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