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Texas Construction Worker Dies at TCU

Texas Construction Worker Dies at TCU: Cause Under Investigation

When a construction worker heads off to work, it is with a reasonable expectation that he’ll return home healthy that afternoon. If an employer is following all rules and regulations designed to keep workers safe, injuries and fatalities will be extremely rare. Unfortunately, they’re not as rare as they should be.

A recent case in point is a 30-year-old construction worker for Zamora Construction, Sebastian Sanchez, who was critically injured last week at a construction site on the campus of Texas Christian University (TCU), and who died early the next morning.

Sanchez was working on a crew that was demolishing a house on Lubbock Avenue on the TCU campus, to make room for a new parking lot, when the chimney from the house fell on him, resulting in serious injuries to his abdomen and chest. He was immediately transported to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, where he was pronounced dead from those injuries at 1:38 a.m. the next morning.

The TCU Police Department and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are both conducting investigations. Though the death was ruled an accident by the police, OSHA will attempt to look at the circumstances surrounding the death, and whether or not all OSHA rules and regulations were followed.

Among the questions OSHA will seek to answer are those about the work crew’s experience and whether workers received proper training as to the hazards of the demolition, and whether or not the method that was used to demolish the home met with OSHA standards and regulations for worker safety.

If all workplace safety rules and regulations are followed exactly, injuries and deaths at construction sites should be rare. After OSHA conducts a thorough investigation, it’s possible the agency will discover that shortcuts were taken in order to meet deadlines or to cut costs, and that someone involved in this Construction Site Tragedy was negligent. If that’s the case, the family of this construction worker may be entitled to adequate compensation for their loss.

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