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Rail Car Source of West, Texas Explosion?

Rail Car Source of West, Texas Explosion?: Evidence Suggests Railcar Full of Ammonium Nitrate May Have Exploded

The Blast in West, Texas that killed more than ten people, injured hundreds, and destroyed a lot of property continues to be investigated by a number of state ad federal agencies.  There are many theories regarding the exact cause of the explosion or the main source of the explosion.  There does not seem to be much disagreement that ammonium nitrate, in some very significant way, played a major part in the force and size of explosion.  What appears to be up for debate is where the ammonium nitrate that exploded was being stored.

Originally, most of the data pointed to large piles or containers of explosive ammonium nitrate in and around the West Fertilizer Company as the ignition source for the massive explosion.  However, now, some are saying that it may have been a rail car located on or near the West Fertilizer Company facility loaded with ammonium nitrate that caused the massive deadly explosion.

For example, on Monday, the chairman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) floated the idea that source of the explosion may have been a rail car that was reportedly loaded with ammonium nitrate. At a forum, TCEQ Chairman Bryan Shaw said, “I would submit to you that the ammonia tank that’s been a lot of people’s focus was likely not what we saw exploding there. It’s more likely … possibly a rail car with ammonium nitrate in it.” He did note that it’s early in the investigatory process, however, but that it was important for investigators to determine exactly what caused the explosion, because officials will be able to figure out how to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the future.

A White House official has also been quoted as suggesting that the explosion may have been set off when the fired reached a rail car full of ammonium nitrate that was adjacent to the West Fertilizer property.

It appears now that state agencies and federal agencies are pointing fingers at each other.  Non-governmental agencies have also weighed in on what caused this explosion, who is to blame, and why regulations apparently failed.  Regardless of all the infighting, there are families whom lost loved ones, people forever injured, and residents of West, Texas that lost all of their belongings.  These people deserve answers.  These people deserve justice.  The Texas Fire Injury Lawyer at Hill Law Firm has provided answers to some people whom have suffered loss due to the terrible West Fertilizer Plant Explosion.  If you have questions, feel free to call Hill Law Firm today for a free consultation.


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