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Nightclub Fire Leads to Many Deaths

Nightclub Fire Leads to Many Deaths by Texas Fire Injury Lawyer Hill Law Firm

More than 200 people perished in a recent nightclub fire in Brazil.  Nightclubs often operate with less than ample attention to code, regulations, and the safety of the patrons who spend money at the club.  Further, considering the reality that the business model of many nightclubs is often focused on alcohol sales, there is an incentive to over-serve customers.

In light of all these issues, nightclub owners should be careful to ensure the safety of the patrons in the clubs.  Unfortunately, too often that is not the case, as is made clear when you look at a partial list of nightclub fires in recent years.

  • What could be the most notorious nightclub tragedies of all occurred on February 21, 2003, when pyrotechnics used by the heavy metal band Great White resulted in a fire that caused 100 deaths at a nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island.
  • Back on December 5, 2009, a fire that was started by fireworks inside a nightclub in Perm, Russia, started a panic which resulted in 156 people being killed. In that case, the nightclub’s director was accused of ignoring safety measures, fled to Spain, where he was finally found and arrested in September 2010.
  • Earlier that year, in January 2009, two nightclub fires at both ends of the month made it a banner month for nightclub fires. As revelers were bringing in the new year on the first, a fire was sparked at the upscale Santika nightclub in Bangkok. That one killed 64 people, and resulted in the arrest of the club’s owner. Then, on the last day of the month, a birthday party at a Latin-style nightclub in China’s Fujian province  featured fireworks, which once again led to a fire that cost 15 lives.
  • Once again, at a nightclub in Quito, Ecuador, on April 19, 2008 a concert that featured fireworks as part of the show, and led to the deaths of 14 concertgoers.
  • On December 30, 2004, deadly  fire at a Buenos Aires. Argentina nightclub killed 194 people Argentina’s Court of Justice sentenced the club owner to 20 years in prison.
  • Even more than a decade later, it’s never been clear what caused the December 1, 2002 fire at a Caracas, Venezuela nightclub that resulted in 47 dead. Firefighters claimed the fire could have started in the kitchen, or caused by an electrical short circuit. Many of those who died suffered smoke inhalation inside the club.
  • On July 20, 2002, as the Utopia club in Lima, Peru celebrated its two-month anniversary, a fire broke out and caused the deaths of 28 people. According to Peruvian authorities, the club had operated for both of those months without a license to operate, no sprinklers and poorly marked exits.

Club owners should be aware of the potential for tragic consequences if safety is not a priority at nightclubs.  At Hill Law Firm we have represented people injured in fires through no fault of their own.  If you would like to speak to an experienced Texas Fire Injury Lawyer, call Hill Law Firm today.


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